Accepted Abstracts

Instructions for Authors

Oral Communications

The time for each presentation is 7 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion.
Presenting Authors are strongly recommended not to exceed the time limit in order to give the other speakers enough time for their talk, and give the audience the opportunity to ask questions and/or make their own statements.

The slides should be prepared in English, while exposure may also be in Italian.
In order to present Oral Communications, it is necessary to be registered at the Congress.

Poster Presentations

Poster dimensions should be 70 cm (width) x 50 cm (high).
The Title and the Authors of poster should be stated at the top, in easily readable bold letters.

Presenting Authors are kindly requested to expose Posters in the dedicated area of the Congress Venue from 10.00 on November 28th and taken away at the end of the Congress.

Presenting Authors should kindly be present next to the poster during the following Poster Viewing sessions:

  • 19.30 - 20.00 on November 28th
  • 13.30 - 14.30 on November 29th
  • 18.00 - 19.30 on November 29th
  • 13.00 - 14.00 on November 30th

In order to present Posters, it is necessary to be registered at the Congress.

Instructions for all Speakers

It is not possible to bring presentations directly to the lecture hall. All presentations have to be handed over at the Slide Center Room at least 2 hours before the session. At the Slide Center Room, Speakers will have the possibility of:

  • Reviewing power-point presentations
  • Last minute changes of power-point presentations
  • Being supported by technical staff
  • Uploading power-point presentation in the dedicated session conference room

Financial Disclosure

All presenters should include a disclosure slide that lists all financial relationships with commercial entities (eg, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, etc). Sample wording is provided below.

  • Dr. [insert presenting author's name] has no financial relationships with commercial entities to disclose.
  • Dr. [insert presenting author's name] has served as a member of data monitoring committees for Company XX [insert company name]-sponsored clinical trials.
  • Dr. [insert presenting author's name] received research grants awarded to his/her institution from Company XX [insert company name].
  • Dr. [insert presenting author's name] is an employee of Company XX [insert company name].